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Cardi B claps back at Tomi Lahren’s sarcastic tweet
Nahila Bonfiglio
Tomi just can't resist a fight.
Twitter may have exposed Android users’ private tweets
Joseph Knoop
Twitter isn't sure how many users have been affected.
This is the ‘Star Wars’ VR experience you’re looking for
Xing Li
Designed by the VOID and ILM xLAB, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire changes entertainment.
How to tell the deep web from the dark web
Amrita Khalid
It's not all international criminal rings.
Facebook is creating a meme feature to bring back the teens
Eilish O'Sullivan
Facebook has been reportedly testing it for months.
A hitman’s smartwatch helped send him to prison for life
Mikael Thalen
Prosecutors say Garmin Forerunner 10 worn during assassination planning
Privacy group files complaints against Netlifx, Spotify for GDPR violations
Mikael Thalen
Eight major companies accused by advocacy group of violating the EU's privacy rules
Facebook staffers caught writing 5-star Amazon reviews for Portal speaker
Mikael Thalen
The social media giant denies directing the reviews.
Trump peddles right-wing ‘prayer rug’ conspiracy
David Gilmour
Trump is tweeting email forwards now.
Ariana Grande’s new single ‘7 Rings’ has Twitter feeling broke
Trixie Reyna
'I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.'
Mastodon is crumbling—and many blame its creator
Ana Valens
It was hailed as a progressive alternative to Twitter. But marginalized, queer users are being alienated by well-off tech bros.
What you need to know about the data breach involving 773 email addresses
Mikael Thalen
It's still a reminder to check your security hygiene.
Senators fear government shutdown may affect FTC investigation of Facebook
Mikael Thalen
'We fear that the current government shutdown further threatens the FTC’s ability to complete this investigation'
Buy beer for a furloughed government worker with this new website
Mikael Thalen
More than 2,400 drinks have been donated so far.
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