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How would Black school workers be treated if they carried guns?
As an activist pointed out on Twitter, legally carrying a gun didn't save Philando Castile.
With Parkland, we get a strong sense of the power of Generation Z
Their fight and their social media savvy are changing the way we think about politics and tragedy.
NRA’s Dana Loesch said owning a gun could prevent sexual assault—but facts prove otherwise
'Guns protect women' is a complicated, misleading, and often untrue argument.
Illinois governor mixes, gulps down chocolate milk to celebrate diversity
This is of course how diversity works.
The desperate race to stop fake celebrity porn
Websites are using software to detect fake celebrity porn. Will it be enough?
Parkland shooting students, parents drag Sen. Marco Rubio at town gun control hall
Meanwhile, Rubio said he stands by his donation from the NRA.
The 7 best horoscope apps to start your day off right
These apps—and the stars—will make you believe.
What is a ‘bump stock,’ and why does President Trump want it banned?
Spoiler: It doesn't mean he's distancing himself from the NRA.
Twitter is battling ‘targeted abuse’ of Florida school shooting survivors
'Such behavior goes against everything we stand for at Twitter.'
FaceTime call helped this woman diagnose a stroke
Her sister noticed her speech slurring and face drooping on one side.
ICE detains gay man, married to an American, during citizenship interview
The couple's petition for the man's citizenship had already been approved.
‘America’s pastor’ Billy Graham leaves behind a controversial legacy
He was America's pastor, in the best and worst ways possible.
Kentucky Democrat reclaims state House seat in district that Trump won by landslide
Rep. Linda Belcher took back the House seat after her successor's death.
Yes, people are actually proposing with avocados
This is the future millennials want.
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