The intersection of the internet and the state.

Florida officer who didn’t enter school during shooting now has armed guards
His family reportedly requested protection.
Trump says CNN is ‘fake news’ over refuted reports of town hall script
'That’s why their ratings are so bad!'
Trump says armed teachers should get bonuses
He's doubling down on his proposal to arm teachers.
CNN denies giving script to Florida shooting survivor at gun control town hall
Colton Haab declined to participate in the program.
Paul Manafort handed new charges as part of Mueller probe
It is the second time Mueller has charged Manafort.
How would Black school workers be treated if they carried guns?
As an activist pointed out on Twitter, legally carrying a gun didn't save Philando Castile.
Trump goes after violent video games in the wake of Parkland
Numerous studies show no link between video games and real-life violence.
Trump defends NRA as Wayne LaPierre goes off the rails at CPAC speech
The president said LaPierre was a "great american patriot."
GOP congresswoman says most mass murderers are ‘Democrats’
She did not provide any evidence to support this.
Illinois governor mixes, gulps down chocolate milk to celebrate diversity
This is of course how diversity works.
Parkland shooting students, parents drag Sen. Marco Rubio at town gun control hall
Meanwhile, Rubio said he stands by his donation from the NRA.
Trump says he doesn’t want to ‘give teachers guns,’ then calls for teachers to have guns
He didn't say all teachers should be armed, but did say some should be armed.
Trump supports raising minimum age to buy AR-15s
It's a bold step by the president.
Amy Poehler, ‘Parks and Rec’ cast tell off the NRA
How one GIF started a real-life feud.
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