The intersection of the internet and the state.

What is KAG, Trump’s 2020 campaign slogan?
The 2020 campaign slogans are already in full force.
Former DNC head denies ‘report’ she was at hospital night of Seth Rich murder
Brazile said Couch's claims were an attempt to profit off of Seth Rich's death.
Anti-Trump bros defend children’s book by posting topless selfies
The viral brothers are confusing folks with their Twitter choices.
Rudy Giuliani tries to walk back his weird ‘truth isn’t truth’ comment
He said his 'truth isn't truth' comment 'was not meant as a pontification on moral theology.'
Cryptozilla can help make you a better cryptocurrency investor
Save 98% on this useful trading platform.
White House speechwriter fired after appearance at white nationalist event revealed
He was reportedly fired after he refused to resign.
OMGWhizzBoyOMG is Sacha Baron Cohen’s best ‘Who is America?’ character
The cross-generation parody shreds masculinity to bits.
How to protect yourself from identity theft on the dark web
Here's everything you need to know about online identity theft.
If Trump used the N-word, Republican state senator says ‘it doesn’t matter’
The senator joins a growing list of politicians skirting the president's history of racism.
Netflix cancels Michelle Wolf’s talk show via Twitter
One website wrote: 'Too bad, so sad.'
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