IOS 12 will be safer and more secure—here’s how
The update introduces several privacy-related features.
Audio captures kids screaming for their parents after being separated at the border
A White House official said she hadn't heard the audio—so reporters played it.
The internet is learning an important lesson about service dogs
Keeping this tip in mind could save someone's life.
Hollywood is bringing Bitcoin to the big screen
Is the world ready for this? Does the world need this?
U.S. Border Patrol asks people not to call cages kids are kept in ‘cages’
The government says it's accurate, but to not say it.
Fans alarmed by gunshot noise at Eminem show told they ‘shouldn’t be here’
Eminem's manager says he's been using the sound effect for a decade.
Disney is making a game show with Nintendo Switch
Where's my Mario Sunshine vs. Slime Time?
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