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‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’ and the painful history of ‘Harry Potter’ canon
'Fantastic Beasts' is just the latest franchise to show the limits of a singular canon.
Queerbaiting is ruining the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise
J.K. Rowling still doesn't know how to handle Dumbledore's sexuality.
Armie Hammer apologizes for bashing people’s Stan Lee selfies
After being called an 'asshat,' Hammer is working on his 'Twitter impulse control.'
‘Fantastic Beasts’ and the problem with wizarding costume design
The real crime of Grindelwald is Johnny Depp’s terrible costume.
Man faces 20 years in prison for deadly swatting prank
The Call of Duty incident resulted in the tragic death of a stranger.
Alex Jones as Detective Pikachu is extremely apt
Alex Jones as Pikachu is a thing.
Twitter can’t stop laughing at this Hitman 2 briefcase bug
Fans are comparing it to the Blue Shell in 'Mario Kart.'
The top 20 DC Comics superheroes of all time
DC Comics boasts an incredible pantheon of superhero characters. Here are our faves.
Review: Battlefield V is a gorgeous game with nothing to say
The latest entry in this first-person shooter franchise returns to World War II to tread old ground.
How to watch Syfy online for free
Just in time for 'Nightflyers.'
Hitman 2 keeps the brilliant murdering streak alive, for better or worse
It's more like 'season 2' in all but name, but we aren't complaining.
The angry Jigglypuff in ‘Detective Pikachu’ is already a meme
People love this salty little puffball.
Stan Lee dead at 95
The legendary comics writer changed pop culture.
Twitter loves this Ryan Reynolds-voiced trailer for ‘Detective Pikachu’
Even Reynolds is shocked at how much the internet loves this.
The latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer matches up perfectly with this Queen hit
Queen's smash hit was practically made for this commercial.
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