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HBO reveals cast for ‘Watchmen’ TV series
Damon Lindelof's spin on the classic finally has a cast.
Upstream podcast: ‘Solo’ was so-so
We break down the Han Solo spinoff, sans spoilers.
How Kratos and Atreus from ‘God of War’ inspired the ‘Dad of Boy’ meme
Kratos' nickname for his son is making everyone laugh.
Nintendo’s Sushi Striker is a feast for the eyes
Another colorful, creature-filled world comes to Switch.
Comcast counters Disney’s bid for 21st Century Fox
The counter-proposal could determine the future of multiple superhero franchises
‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ doesn’t feel like a story worth telling
The film features a strong lead but has no new ideas.
Totoro-themed restaurant lets you dine with a 9-foot cat
I'll have the Totoro-tots, please.
How Reddit killed one of its most popular AMAs
Recent changes by Reddit have forced moderators to take drastic actions to highlight quality content.
The forgotten Marvel arc that turned a major historical figure into a supervillain
Franklin's infamous expedition went much differently in the comics.
Donald Glover agrees that Lando is pansexual
'Yeah, he's coming on to everyone.'
Here’s how Thanos became a laughing stock in ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’
Who knew the Infinity Gauntlet gave Thanos dance skills?
‘Game of Thrones’ composer plays iconic theme song on Nintendo Labo
Ramin Djawadi puts his spin on the theme in Nintendo Labo.
Amazon may save ‘The Expanse’ after all
The #SaveTheExpanse campaign may actually work!
Upstream podcast: Maeve finds her voice in Shogun World
Maeve's a Jedi now. What does that make Dolores?
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