Report: Instagram’s video app recommends possible child abuse videos
It took Instagram five days to remove the videos.
Nerds and emo put ‘good girls bad guys’ challenge on the map
Warning: This song will be in your head for weeks.
All John Hancock life policies to require fitness tracking
The Vitality program encourages healthier living—and it comes with prizes.
Timehop 9/11 blunder comes back in viral tweet 4 years later
'The internet doesn't forget.'
Instagram suggests teens should get accounts to avoid being bullied
It's also being accused of encouraging parents to let preteens have accounts.
Parental-tracking app mSpy leaks millions of personal files
This isn't the app's first major security breach.
You can download Windows 95 and play it as an app
Take a trip down memory lane with a download of the OS you grew up with.
NASA’s new selfie app takes you and your cats to space
App celebrates Spitzer Telescope's anniversary.
Newly reported data leak affected 4 million Facebook users
The app, myPersonality, was made a verified application on Facebook in 2009.
DTF? These are the best hookup apps of 2018
Keep it fun, keep it casual, and avoid getting scammed.
Catching up with George Takei, social media statesman
The internet icon on Trump, history, and 'moving on.'
FDA approves a controversial app as a form of contraception
Would you use an app for birth control?
Uber Eats ditches flat-rate delivery fee
The delivery fee now varies based on the distance.
What we know about Facebook Dating so far
Spoiler alert: It won't be a new app.
The 6 best weather apps on the market
Spare yourself from nature's fury with these solid weather apps.
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