Spotify shuts down major third-party service after playlist scandal
The move will likely have little impact on the larger market for Spotify playlists.

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J.K. Rowling’s favorite sleep app is 80% off right now
Even the greatest wizard brains need their rest.
MoviePass has been secretly tracking your location (updated)
The CEO boasted about the app's location monitoring at a recent forum.
Uber and MIT feud over wages—so, what do drivers really make? (updated)
MIT finds drivers make less than $4 an hour, but past studies say otherwise.
Why Vero users are abandoning the app they just downloaded
The history of Vero's founder is giving some downloaders pause.
Twitter just got rid of its extremely unpopular Mac desktop app
Did anybody really use that thing anyway?
Everything you need to know to get started on PayPal
The do's, don'ts, how's, and why's of using PayPal for peer-to-peer payments.
Venmo bans gambling—but that didn’t stop Super Bowl bets on the app
More than 65,000 likely illegal Super Bowl-related transactions were recorded.
The Snap Store is open—and filled with overpriced Snapchat apparel
Items will come and go without warning.
Peter Thiel’s HQ Trivia investment sparks #DeleteHQ campaign
Blink-182's lead singer is on board.
‘The Logan Paul Suicide Forest Run’ game is back on Google Play—with a different title
'I knew right away that I [would] have problems with Google.'
Equifax releases new security app to win back trust, fails miserably
The company is just one endless spinning wheel of death.
Spotify releases experimental Pandora-like ‘Stations’ app on Android
The service is only available in Australia.
110 child health experts ask Facebook to discontinue Messenger Kids
Experts say the app is 'irresponsible' and that kids aren't ready for it.
Is Marvel Unlimited really worth it?
All the pros and cons of Marvel's digital comics subscription service, Marvel Unlimited.
Chilling video shows kid’s app threatening to stab children
The free app was taken down by Google.
Teen creates app to help Alzheimer’s patients recognize loved ones
'Timeless' uses facial recognition and creates alerts to remind patients of recent calls.
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