Look out for these 22 Android apps that contain ‘sophisticated’ malware
Mikael Thalen
Hidden code may be draining your battery and data.
Why TikTok is 2018’s app of the year
Audra Schroeder
TikTok ruled by flooding the internet with memes. Can the good times roll?
The best messaging apps of 2018
Amy-Mae Turner
There are better ways to stay connected.
New dating app for #MAGA singles is getting roasted
Samira Sadeque
Righter is advertising with sexist memes—and Twitter is ripping them apart.
This free app helps DIY podcasts get paid
Nahila Bonfiglio
For indie creators, it could be a game-changer.
Facebook and Twitter crack down on controversial babysitter app
Julie Ann Nealega
The Predictim app says it can vet applicants. But experts disagree.
TikTok is taking over the world
Julie Ann Nealega
The lip-syncing gag app turns a corner.
Report: Period-tracking apps are fueling market research, data surveillance
Alexis Tatum
As many as 95 percent of period-tracking apps have inaccuracies. Here's why.
This app can tell if you’re having a serious heart attack
Mikael Thalen
It may even be as effective as an EKG.
Vine is being resurrected as Byte
Nahila Bonfiglio
Vine is back, baby.
Children are being targeted by manipulative ads on their apps
Nahila Bonfiglio
New study finds alarming trends—even in ‘educational’ apps.
Twitter is reportedly set to remove ‘likes’—and no one is happy about it
Ana Valens
The news reportedly comes straight from an event with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.
Trans/Sex: Hookup apps are exhausting, especially if you’re a queer trans woman
Ana Valens
Dick pics are only the beginning of my problems.
Discord is changing. Its first step? Controlling its userbase
Ana Valens
Discord is growing, and it's at your expense.
Pro-Trump dating site DonaldDaters exposes users’ data
Nahila Bonfiglio
The site's launch date was leaky.
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