Discussions of body image cover body positivity, body shaming, eating disorders, and food and diet trends emerging on social media.

Rebel Wilson blocks enough Black people to start a hashtag
Alex Dalbey
She did not take well to Black people pointing out their erasure.
The 2019 emoji will be wildly diverse and inclusive
Chris Illuminati
Get ready for the service dog.
Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ is the fat-shaming teen comedy the internet already hates
Chris Illuminati
Alyssa Milano is defending the project amid Twitter outrage.
‘GLOW’ star Britney Young wrestles with Hollywood
Josh Katzowitz
The breakout star is back for season 2.
Kim Kardashian Instagram for appetite-suppressant lollipops deleted (updated)
Audra Schroeder
People reported the post for promoting disordered eating.
Miley Cyrus isn’t sorry for infamous 2008 nude photoshoot
Tess Cagle
On the 10-year anniversary of the scandal, Cyrus rescinds her apology.
‘Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie’ balances decades of weighted history
Michelle Jaworski
The Hulu documentary gives a firsthand look at Mattel’s historic redesign.
Lena Dunham pens powerful letter about her recent hysterectomy
Tess Cagle
Dunham's essay also provides fans a hint as to why she and Jack Antonoff split.
Aly Raisman has a message for victim blamers
Samantha Grasso
'Women do not have to be modest to be respected.'
Chrissy Teigen shares topless photo, asks internet not to ‘shame’ her
Audra Schroeder
Be the salad-making woman you want to see in the world.
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