‘The Office’ just had another cast reunion—and fans hope a reboot is in the works
Ana Valens
Jenna Fischer teased she will see the rest of the cast 'soon.'
Why ‘Saturday Night Live’ shouldn’t be doing branded content
Brenden Gallagher
Branded sketches are antithetical to satire.
Jen Kirkman has an out-there conspiracy theory about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Russia
David Covucci
Is Russia using the left's new star as an agent of chaos? This comedian thinks so.
Rooster Teeth promises 24 hours of comedy and torture for charity
Audra Schroeder
The yearly Extra Life marathon will have both joy and pain.
Gabe Gundacker on voicing Stephen Miller, Donald Trump Jr.
Ellen Ioanes
On this week's 'We're All Gonna Die' podcast, internet privacy with EPIC's senior counsel, 'Our Cartoon President,' and noise rock from Cherubs.
In ‘100% Fresh,’ Adam Sandler returns to his old, funny self
Chris Osterndorf
Sandler's new Netflix special pays a heartwarming tribute to the late, great Chris Farley.
Sarah Silverman says Louis C.K. sometimes masturbated in front of her with consent
Audra Schroeder
Silverman has struggled to talk about her relationship with C.K.
Greg Behrendt, ‘that guy from that thing,’ returns with his best comedy yet
David Britton
'When you get older saying what’s bad about something usually means 'I don’t get it.' As a comic that’s death.'
Piers Morgan just got pied in the face over #PapooseGate tweets
Ramon Ramirez
'It's for us. And for Daniel Craig.'
‘Big Mouth’ is the best-kept secret on Netflix
Chris Osterndorf
Season 2 is must-watch adult animation full of sex-positive education.
Amy Schumer, Emily Ratajkowski arrested for Kavanaugh protests
Nahila Bonfiglio
The two joined hundreds of others to protest.
Key & Peele’s handshake meme is taking over the internet
Ana Valens
The classic sketch makes an epic comeback.
Joe Rogan finds his place in America on Netflix standup, ‘Strange Times’
Kahron Spearman
The comedian and podcaster offers a sound and timely set.
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