Cuteness is typically an aspect of another living creature that inspires overwhelming affection and covetous desire. Baby turtles are a good example of something cute. Baby otters, too. Anything baby, basically. You’ll know cute when you see it because of those sounds you make.

Everyone wants to adopt this big, high-maintenance cat named Bruno
Brittany Vincent
Get outta here with your Garfield. Bruno's in now.
A fence couldn’t keep this toddler and his dog pal from playing fetch
David Britton
These two didn't let a fence stand in the way of their fun.
Twitter is in love with this teen who acted out a ‘Shrek’ scene from memory
Kristina Nguyen
The responses to the viral video were 'ogre'-whelming.
This airplane love story Twitter thread is the cutest thing you’ll read today
Kristina Nguyen
This is way better than the usual in-flight entertainment.
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