Cuteness is typically an aspect of another living creature that inspires overwhelming affection and covetous desire. Baby turtles are a good example of something cute. Baby otters, too. Anything baby, basically. You’ll know cute when you see it because of those sounds you make.

This new meme has everyone ☆∴。 seeing stars ★・。
This clever text-art meme is lighting up your timeline.
Get ready to fall in love with this dog in handmade clothes
This dog might be Instagram's next big fashion icon.
Baby trying pizza for the first time experiences nirvana
This baby's blissed-out pizza pose is a reminder of life's simple joys.
Cat catching snowballs is a magical delight
This cat has some wicked snow acrobatics to show off.
The internet loves ‘surprise vent cat’
Surprise! It's a cat!
In order to save his species, this frog has joined
He's hoping to find his perfect match.
This cute, little squirrel carrying a newspaper proves print isn’t dead
Meet journalism's newest ally: newspaper squirrel.
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