Republicans are ready to go to war against the FBI
The Inspector General report only fueled the flames.
Inside the Twitter glitch that may have affected the 2016 election
A technical glitch in the FBI system created an online firestorm.
Florida didn’t run FBI background checks on gun buyers for a year—the reason why is mind-boggling
There have been two massacres in Florida in the past two years.
Inspector general findings will reportedly brand Comey as ‘insubordinate’
If true, the White House will score big with this report.
Trump’s late-night FBI spying rant, explained
How a baseless conspiracy got to Trump's Twitter.
Officials report suspicious phone surveillance devices near White House
IMSI catcher technology tracks calls and messages.
Chelsea Manning ‘safe’ after alarming tweets prompt concern of suicide
Warning: This article contains images that may be triggering for some readers.
FBI admits to inflating its cell phone encryption problems
The bureau is currently running an audit to determine the actual figures.
Trump to meet Rosenstein and Wray to ‘demand’ FBI informant probe
The move comes one day after the president tweeted his intention.
Trump’s latest Twitter rant proves he’s worried about the Russia investigation affecting the midterms
Meanwhile, it's been two days since Trump tweeted about the Santa Fe shooting.
Texas judge dismisses FBI case against ‘Black Identity Extremist’
Rakem Balogun was released last week after six months pre-trial detention.
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