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Google Maps now has a ‘wheelchair accessible’ option
The option should make using intracity public transit less complicated.
Facebook’s autocomplete feature suggested child abuse videos
The social network is investigating.
Donald Trump Jr.’s tweets may have prompted divorce
It couldn't have just been two tweets.
Google is bringing its image search magic to iOS devices
The feature will be available in the next few days via Google Photos.
More games like Pokémon Go are coming as Google Maps opens to developers
Prepare to go outside to get your game on.
Former Silicon Valley darling Theranos and its CEO charged with ‘massive fraud’
The SEC charged Elizabeth Holmes and her company with "massive fraud."
AmazonBasics batteries recalled due to fire and chemical burns
Around 260,000 units are covered under the recall.
My VR ride in an Uber flying taxi was perfect—and nothing like reality
Uber partner Bell expects to launch a commercial vehicle by mid-2020.
Walmart expands same-day grocery delivery—and you can try it for free
It's expanding across 100 metro areas by the end of the year.
Chinese reporter’s exasperated eye roll becomes a huge meme
She couldn't contain her contempt, and now she's a star.
Snapchat offers a sobering view of the National School Walkout
Snapchat's National School Walkout stories confirm that children are showing up against gun violence.
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