The social network that was famously founded in a college dorm, Facebook has grown to become not only the largest social platform on the Internet, but also a major player in smartphone apps thanks to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and many other one-off apps. The company’s acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus has positioned it to influence the future of that industry as well.

Memphis police used fake Facebook profile to spy on Black activists
One protester was arrested after interacting with the account.
Twitter suspends Alex Jones 1 week over ‘battle rifles’ tweet
Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes are just some places to remove content.
After Alex Jones, 4 far-right voices testing the limits of free speech online
Conservatives expect more social media bans in the future.
What we know about Facebook Dating so far
Spoiler alert: It won't be a new app.
Facebook, YouTube remove Alex Jones, InfoWars from platform (Updated)
Other tech companies have done the same in recent weeks.
How much time do you spend on Facebook? Here’s how to find out
The app wants to ensure the time you waste is 'time well spent.'
No, tech giants are not censoring Alex Jones
Conservatives can't be censored on the platforms they agreed to join
Here’s the deal with the ‘plane reaction’ button on Facebook
Facebook says the feature was 'not ready for takeoff.'
Facebook suspends politically focused fake accounts ahead of 2018 midterms
The social media giant said it found the first of eight pages and 17 profiles on Facebook two weeks ago.
Why Mark Warner’s proposals to regulate Silicon Valley are a good first step
It's the first big proposal we've seen since congressional hearings.
Belgian art museums are fighting Facebook’s blanket nudity ban
Museums just want to post their tasteful nudes.
Facebook bans Alex Jones for 30 days
'He's certainly treading on thin ice.'
Bulls**t climate change video gets millions of views on Facebook
An environmental scientist is calling the platform out.
Report: Trump got a private call from Zuckerberg congratulating him on election
It's just one way Facebook showed appreciation for its 'valued customer.'
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