People have started laundering money on Fortnite
Joseph Knoop
Add it to the pile of troubles facing Epic Games.
Video game composer boycotts Gillette after anti-toxic masculinity ad
Joseph Knoop
Marty O’Donnell worked on 'Halo' and 'Destiny.'
Millions of Fortnite accounts exposed via Epic Games website exploit
Brittany Vincent
A flaw potentially exposed millions of Fortnite players to bad actors.
Gamers take themselves way too seriously
Ana Valens
A SonicFox tweet has gamers up in arms. Again.
Blizzard confirms ‘Overwatch’ hero Soldier: 76 identifies as gay
Brittany Vincent
He's the second in-game gay character to be identified.
‘Overwatch’ Contenders Ellie controversy angers gaming community
Joseph Knoop
The 'experiment' has only given fuel for rampant sexism in esports.
The gamer charged with assaulting wife during livestream is back on Twitch
Nahila Bonfiglio
Twitch is being criticized for not permanently banning him.
Game Boy controller hack lets you play on the big screen
Joseph Knoop
If you aren't a tech wizard, you can just buy it.
Transgender woman confronts GameStop employee for misgendering her (updated)
Joseph Knoop
The reaction online is largely transphobic.
Big Chungus is the last great meme of 2018—and it could only appear during the holidays
Ana Valens
GameStop, do you happen to have Big Chungus by chance?
Fortnite developer could be hit with another lawsuit by BlocBoy JB
Alyse Stanley
He's letting Twitter help him decide.
‘Fresh Prince’ actor sues Fortnite developer for using the Carlton dance
Gabrielle Sorto
Rapper 2 Milly has filed a similar lawsuit against Epic Games.
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