3 men charged in fatal ‘Call of Duty’ swatting hoax
A notorious Twitter troll faces life in prison.
YouTuber John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain dead at 33
He recently wrote on Reddit that he didn't have much longer.
Gamers are incensed that women will appear in ‘Battlefield V’
They're saying it's 'historically inaccurate.'
Nintendo’s Sushi Striker is a feast for the eyes
Another colorful, creature-filled world comes to Switch.
Resident Evil 7 is coming to Nintendo Switch—but there’s a catch
The paranormal hillbilly horror fest goes portable... for some.
Pokémon Go introduces Alolan forms of original Pokémon
Say 'aloha' to the Alolan versions of your old friends.
Shenmue III and other games delayed to 2019
The wait for Shenmue III is about to become a legal adult.
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players discover hidden gold chests
A chicken dinner? Improved server latency? Friends who can aim? Who knows what we'll find in these things.
Cliff Bleszinski steps away from gaming industry, closes Boss Key Productions
Some success with Radical Heights couldn't keep the studio behind Lawbreakers afloat.
Nintendo is giving you another chance to buy the NES Classic mini
And this time you won't have to sacrifice your firstborn
The first Rage 2 trailer whips up the punk rock apocalypse
Welcome to the Andrew WK apocalypse, don't forget your blue mohawk
God of War’s new photo mode brings filters and funny faces to Midgard
Can the God of War also become a god of selfies?
Atomic Heart blends Soviet horror and killer robots for one seriously weird trailer
Killer robots, secret bases, and evil clowns—just another day in Mother Russia.
Walmart site posts listings for unannounced sequels to Rage, Gears of War, more [updated]
It's anyone's guess if these are legit, but arrows point towards hope for fans of these action franchises
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