Snowden joins calls for Google to end controversial Chinese search engine
Mikael Thalen
Ex-NSA contractor and over 60 human rights groups criticize Project Dragonfly.
Report: GOP emails hacked during 2018 election
Andrew Wyrich
Some major Republican lawmakers reportedly didn't know about it.
USPS fixes ‘catastrophic’ bug that exposed 60 million users’ data
Mikael Thalen
The agency reportedly ignored it for more than a year.
Report: 81,000 private Facebook messages for sale online
Nahila Bonfiglio
The hackers claimed to have access to 120,000 accounts.
Gabe Gundacker on voicing Stephen Miller, Donald Trump Jr.
Ellen Ioanes
On this week's 'We're All Gonna Die' podcast, internet privacy with EPIC's senior counsel, 'Our Cartoon President,' and noise rock from Cherubs.
Tumblr security bug could have exposed users’ private data
Mikael Thalen
Users' email addresses, passwords, and IP addresses were left vulnerable.
Turns out, Pentagon weapons are surprisingly easy to hack
Christina Bonnington
GAO report finds that weapons are woefully underprepared in the face of a cyberattack.
Why you need to worry about SIM swap attacks
Ben Dickson
Protect yourself before it's too late.
Newegg customers were vulnerable to website hack for more than a month
Joseph Knoop
The company is reaching out to affected customers.
Hackers say they’ve leaked sex tapes of Logan and Jake Paul’s dad
Josh Katzowitz
'We’ve got a lot of stuff we’re going to keep releasing in the coming weeks.'
U.S. charges North Korean hackers in 2014 Sony cyberattack
Christina Bonnington
North Korea denies the allegations of state-sponsored hacking.
Parental-tracking app mSpy leaks millions of personal files
Sunny Kim
This isn't the app's first major security breach.
How hackers can use AI to hide their malware and target you
Ben Dickson
Hackers can use the same technology powering your appliances to create smart malware.
T-Mobile hack: Here’s what you need to know
Christina Bonnington
No passwords or social security numbers were compromised.
DNC attempted hack was reportedly only a ‘test,’ officials say
Andrew Wyrich
The DNC originally said it had thwarted an attempted cyberattack.
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