Trump lawyer says Russia investigation should end after McCabe firing
Trump was unrestrained in his glee on Twitter.
Data firm used by Trump campaign illegally held info on 50 million Facebook users
The company harvested information on 50 million users.
President Trump says Stormy Daniels owes her $20 million for speaking out about affair
Here's everything you need to know about Trump and his relationship with adult film actress Stormy Daniels.
Hacker Adrian Lamo, who turned in Chelsea Manning, found dead
Lamo was famous for having turned Chelsea Manning over to authorities.
All the thought leaders are mad at Trump
Anger, with an air of futility, reigns at SXSW.
Donald Trump Jr.’s tweets may have prompted divorce
It couldn't have just been two tweets.
Reddit bans popular deep state conspiracy forum for ‘inciting violence’
In response, #DiscreditReddit popped up on Twitter.
Trump claims he makes up facts with Canadian prime minster
'Nice guy, good-looking guy, comes in...'
Report: Andrew McCabe could be fired days before his retirement
McCabe, a frequent target of Donald Trump, is scheduled to retire on Sunday.
Judge says Manafort might spend the ‘rest of his life in prison’
The former Trump campaign chairman faces 30 years in prison.
Man arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up March For Our Lives rally on Facebook
The threat was made just a few days after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, authorities said.
Facebook bans Britain First, hate group Trump retweeted
The group violated community guidelines.
Trump mocked mercilessly for misspelling ‘Marine Corps’ in a tweet
Veterans in particular seemed to take offense to Trump's misspelling.
Conor Lamb declares victory deep in Trump coal country
Lamb's apparent victory is another in a what may be a brewing blue movement.
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