Homeland Security secretary denies using immigrant children as ‘pawns’
Kirstjen Nielsen the new face of Trump's immigration policy.
Audio captures kids screaming for their parents after being separated at the border
A White House official said she hadn't heard the audio—so reporters played it.
U.S. Border Patrol asks people not to call cages kids are kept in ‘cages’
The government says it's accurate, but to not say it.
Republicans are ready to go to war against the FBI
The Inspector General report only fueled the flames.
Trump goes on a ‘Fox & Friends’ retweeting spree
The inspector general report is out, and Trump is happy with Fox's messaging.
Inside the Twitter glitch that may have affected the 2016 election
A technical glitch in the FBI system created an online firestorm.
New York attorney general sues Trump Foundation over campaign finance violations
The attorney general called the foundation an 'empty shell.'
Trump’s birthday is Flag Day, and it all makes sense now
June 14 means a lot to the president.
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