WikiLeaks docs reveal Julian Assange tried to get Russian visa
A huge trove of documents reveals new ties between Julian Assange and Russia.
Kamala Harris asks Kavanaugh to recuse himself from upcoming net neutrality cases
Net neutrality was brought up several times by senators in their questions that received written responses.
Leaked Google video adds fuel to censorship fire
The video will likely add fuel for arguments that the tech giant is biased against conservative voices.
Trump administration wants net neutrality-like regulations for social media
The Trump administration wants more regulation of social media platforms.
WikiLeaks mercilessly trolled for this useless Trump chart
WIkiLeaks tells Twitter the White House op-ed writer is an older, conservative man. What a revelation.
Democrats press Brett Kavanaugh over net neutrality at hearing
Kavanaugh once argued net neutrality violated ISPs First Amendment rights.
Parental-tracking app mSpy leaks millions of personal files
This isn't the app's first major security breach.
Norwegian police investigate missing WikiLeaks associate Arjen Kamphuis
Fellow activists are leading the search.
Netflix, YouTube internet speeds reportedly throttled by wireless telecoms
Net neutrality advocates have feared throttling would become common.
Twitter could introduce threaded replies
Twitter's potential makeover looks familiar.
Comcast is trying to weaken state broadband regulations
Broadband companies don't want states to restrict their power.
‘Gold standard’ net neutrality bill takes huge step forward in California [updated]
The bill faces a vote in the state Senate as early as today.
NSA whistleblower Reality Winner sentenced to 5 years in prison
Winner pleaded guilty to passing a classified NSA report to the Intercept.
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