Democrats predicted to go in on net neutrality when they take House
Andrew Wyrich
The FCC could be under more heightened scrutiny.
Snowden joins calls for Google to end controversial Chinese search engine
Mikael Thalen
Ex-NSA contractor and over 60 human rights groups criticize Project Dragonfly.
There’s still time for Congress to reinstate net neutrality
Andrew Wyrich
The deadline for securing votes has been extended.
Report: FBI investigating fake net neutrality comments
Ellen Ioanes
The FBI joins the attorneys general of New York, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. in investigating the comments.
Is the Librem 5 the most secure cellphone ever?
Sam Bishop
This smartphone makes bold promises. Can it live up to them?
Net neutrality activists are pressuring Dems who have not signed onto House CRA
Andrew Wyrich
The deadline for the CRA to pass is very close.
Facebook docs reveal company hid update about recording Android call logs
Ellen Ioanes
Documents show Facebook exploited Android permissions to record users' call and text logs.
Ajit Pai admits Russia interfered in net neutrality process amid lawsuit
Andrew Wyrich
The New York Times sued for access to records regarding the fake comments.
WikiLeaks sure is upset about the Guardian’s big Manafort-Assange story
David Covucci
The organization is adamant the story is false.
Report: Paul Manafort met with Julian Assange in 2016
David Covucci
WikiLeaks has denied the report.
Who is Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone’s possible link to WikiLeaks?
Mike Rothschild
He could be a link, and it could be nothing.
Justice Department fights lawsuit to unseal Julian Assange indictment
David Gilmour
The charges were hinted at unintentionally in an unrelated case.
Net Neutrality activists plan large push as CRA deadline approaches
Andrew Wyrich
Time is running out, so advocates are making one last push.
Pam Anderson blasts Australian PM for ‘lewd’ reply to her Julian Assange plea
Julie Ann Nealega
Anderson and Assange have formed an unlikely friendship.
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