What you need to know about today’s net neutrality repeal
Here's what you need to know about today's repeal of net neutrality.
The latest Facebook privacy blunder set 14 million users’ posts to public
It took four days to fix the error and even longer to protect posts.
FCC fabricated cyberattack to counter John Oliver fans, emails reveal
Turns out it was an influx of angry consumers who crashed the website.
Net neutrality ends on June 11—but don’t count it dead just yet
New net neutrality rules go into effect on June 11.
Cambridge Analytica reportedly met with WikiLeaks to discuss 2016 election
A director for the firm reportedly met with Julian Assange last year.
‘We’re All Gonna Die,’ Ep. 50: Highway to the ‘covfefe’ zone
The team talks 'covfefe,' Melania Trump, and 'Top Gun.'
Officials report suspicious phone surveillance devices near White House
IMSI catcher technology tracks calls and messages.
California Senate votes for strong net neutrality rules
The bill will now head to the state Assembly.
For marginalized communities, net neutrality is about way more than Netflix
A repeal means severe consequences—but activists aren't going down easy.
Facebook, Google facing mammoth lawsuits after one day of GDPR
The privacy rules are causing headaches for European users and tech companies.
‘We’re All Gonna Die,’ a politics podcast: 69 ways to own the libs
This week we chat with a firebrand author, dissect net neutrality, and vape.
Facebook wants you to trust it with your nudes
The social network says it wants to fight revenge porn.
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