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Miss USA thought everyone spoke English—and the internet is not amused
Alyse Stanley
As if the country didn't have enough to be embarrassed about.
Parents shocked by KKK costumes in school play
Alex Dalbey
'The KKK walked into my kid's school Friday and I didn't get to stop it.'
10 bigots and creeps who got what they deserved in 2018
Alex Dalbey
When bad things happen to bad people, it’s hard not to smile.
Jury drops ticket for white guy who played ‘F*ck Tha Police’ around cop
Alexis Tatum
He was found 'not guilty' in less than 10 minutes.
Woman pens open letter about getting baby product ads after her son was stillborn
Alexis Tatum
'Do you know what your algorithm decides, tech companies?'
Family says racist bullying led to 9-year-old’s suicide
Alex Dalbey
The bullying was reportedly about her friendship with a white boy.
Pornhub releases its year-end review—and it’s filthy
Alyse Stanley
Bowsette and Stormy Daniels dominated 2018.
Vlogger banned from Twitter for disturbing pro-pedophilia posts
Audra Schroeder
Yee's YouTube channel was removed earlier this year for promoting pedophilia.
Columbia University student goes on white supremacy rant in viral video
Alex Dalbey
'White people are the best thing that happened to the world.'
Is Vixen worth it?
John-Michael Bond values quality adult content over quantity.
Dog waits for weeks by his family’s burned house after California wildfire
Sunny Kim
The dog waited for his owners among ashes and rubble.
The best sex toys for couples to heat up the holidays
Marisa Losciale
If you’re in need of a sexy or naughty gift, look no further than LELO.
Kavanaugh votes against hearing Planned Parenthood defunding case
Alex Dalbey
Anti-abortion advocates are disappointed, but pro-choice supporters are breathing a sigh of relief.
Police forcefully yank one-year-old baby from mother’s arms during arrest
Alex Dalbey
The mother’s crime? Sitting on the ground while waiting for assistance.
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