Spotify shuts down major third-party service after playlist scandal
The move will likely have little impact on the larger market for Spotify playlists.

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Where your off- and online identities collide.

The chronically ill are turning to social media for much-needed relief
A chronic headache sufferer explains why there is solace in staring at a screen.
Welcome to interactive, bizarro world of porn games
Go ahead and choose your own XXX adventure.
Black man attacked at Charlottesville rally cleared of assault
DeAndre Harris was slapped with an assault charge after he was brutally beaten.
VR film pulled from SXSW after star says she didn’t sign release, was pressured into nudity
'He violated a clear agreement and several industry norms.'
Period company features trans man in new ad
Because men menstruate too.
Student speaks out after receiving corporal punishment for school walkout
He says he respects the adults involved—but doesn't agree with being swatted.
Meet the woman who beat the NRA at its own social media game
Ria Browne got Everytown for Gun Safety more followers—and actually started a conversation.
Why hasn’t music had its #MeToo reckoning?
'We haven't found the right man to out yet.'
Generation Z is reminding millennials that we could have done more for gun control
Both generations grew up with school shootings—but only one is walking out of class over it.
Police investigating 2 women who took children to vandalize a mosque
Videos show the women schooling the kids on being 'American patriots.'
Jennifer Lopez shares her own #MeToo story
'When I did speak up, I was terrified.'
Here are the 7 places in the U.S. where women earn more money than men
All of these places are mostly made up of minority communities, if that speaks to anything.
What does it mean to be Latinx?
A look into the identity that rejects gender binaries in language and beyond.
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