Where your off- and online identities collide.

Sen. Mazie Hirono to men: ‘Just shut up and step up’ against Kavanaugh
She said what tons of women are thinking.
Why Twitter is freaking out over whether Bert and Ernie are gay
One show writer says the characters were inspired by his own relationship.
Grindr aims to combat discrimination with education, stricter community guidelines
The initiative 'Kindr' seeks to make the platform more inclusive.
Woman duped on Tinder inadvertently inspires Twitter meme
What five words would ruin your Tinder date?
Man who went viral for shaving on a train speaks out about being mocked
Maybe it's time to stop shaming strangers for doing essentially harmless things.
Activists demand the release of the peaceful ‘Dallas 9’ protesters held without bond [updated]
The protesters have been in jail longer than the officer whose violence they were protesting.
Hannah Gadsby’s minute-long bit was the best part of the Emmys
The internet would like her to host all things moving forward.
Teen finds purse with $10,000—and turns it in to police
People on Twitter are praising his good deed.
Video: Terrifying fire whirl engulfs firefighters’ hose
Climate change could be making these more frequent.
Dylan and Ronan Farrow respond to accusations of mother’s abuse in Soon-Yi Previn profile
The siblings question the credibility of the writer, a friend of Allen's.
6 dogs abandoned during Hurricane Florence rescued from flooded kennel
The video broke the internet's hearts.
Reinventing porn for women is more complicated than you think
What women really want from the erotic internet.
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