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Rapper XXXTentacion dead at 20
Fellow rappers mourned the controversial artist.
Audio captures kids screaming for their parents after being separated at the border
A White House official said she hadn't heard the audio—so reporters played it.
The internet is learning an important lesson about service dogs
Keeping this tip in mind could save someone's life.
Video of Texas border processing facility shows children in cages
More than 1,000 children have been separated from their parents at this facility.
U.S. Border Patrol asks people not to call cages kids are kept in ‘cages’
The government says it's accurate, but to not say it.
The internet calls out DHS secretary over her denial of family separation policy
The Trump administration is doing its darnedest to spin this travesty—and people aren't having it.
Laura Bush compares family separations to Japanese internment camps
The former first lady also compared the practice to Japanese internment camps.
Swipe This! My boyfriend refuses to be my Facebook friend—what gives?
If you have to ask, you're probably not in a great place.
Understanding ‘abstinence,’ the Trump administration’s favorite sex-ed buzzword
Not everyone will agree on what just constitutes abstinence—or its benefits.
White nationalist Jared Taylor can sue Twitter for deleting his account, judge rules
The judge called it a 'classic public interest lawsuit.'
Organizers cancel massive sex worker conference to protect attendees
Between the new FOSTA law and the increased anti-immigrant sentiment, they were worried for the safety of attendees.
Clarinetist wins suit against ex who deleted his scholarship offer
The ex also sent him a fake rejection letter.
The unsettling connection between the military and white supremacy
Extremist groups are using military training to further spread their hate.
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