LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. The term has been in use since the early 1990s as a way of addressing the political, cultural, and personal issues of concern to the LGBT community as well as the queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual communities.

This student is raising money to move out of dorm that banned her girlfriend
She was told by administrators that others were uncomfortable with her sexual orientation.
GOG employee fired over transphobic tweet now works with a right-wing gaming site (updated)
Ana Valens
He denies any connection to Gamergate, but his actions raise questions.
Report: Facebook funded candidates who voted against banning ‘conversion therapy’
Samira Sadeque
Facebook says it's for LGBTQ rights, so what gives?
The makeup revolution is being led by queer influencers of color
Elisabeth Sherman
These beauty influencers are subverting gender norms to reveal their true selves.
Facebook’s new community standards blatantly hurt queer users
Ana Valens
Discussing 'sexual preferences' could get you banned.
Trans YouTuber proves Victoria’s Secret is wrong about who can sell its ‘fantasy’
Alex Dalbey
‘Live your fantasy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,' she said to her fans.
Tumblr’s adult content ban will devastate its most vulnerable communities
Ana Valens
Tumblr is kicking out the very people that made it grow.
The beauty in the in-between: Reclaiming my multi-dimensional identities
Because I'm 'passing,' my identities are at times privileged and at times oppressed.
Your heteronormative, cisnormative behaviors explained
Tiffany Diane Tso
It's time to stop making assumptions.
Sir Babygirl is a gender non-conforming pop music icon
The queen of queer memes is about to drop her first album.
Trans student films being harassed while in school bathroom stall (updated)
Samira Sadeque
A woman broke into the stall, leaving the door open.
Twitter is falling in love with this anime’s zombie trans girl
Ana Valens
Meet Lily Hoshikawa, trans Twitter's latest role model.
Trans/Sex: How estrogen changed my sex life
Ana Valens
When I started HRT, I had to become my own sex ed teacher.
7 ways to embrace self-love on a very somber Trans Day of Remembrance
Ana Valens
On one of the most difficult days of the year, don’t forget to look out for yourself.
There’s now a white nationalist video game where you can kill LGBTQ people in a nightclub
It's brought to you by the man best associated with the deadly Charlottesville rally.
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