How Kratos and Atreus from ‘God of War’ inspired the ‘Dad of Boy’ meme
Kratos' nickname for his son is making everyone laugh.
Are you single, taken, or tired of this meme?
Always choose the third option.
Oakland’s ‘BBQing while Black’ festival was a glorious, 2-weekend-long rebuttal
'BBQ Becky' ended up bringing back a decades-old Oakland tradition.
Here’s how Thanos became a laughing stock in ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’
Who knew the Infinity Gauntlet gave Thanos dance skills?
What was Meghan Markle gasping at? The internet has some ideas
Was it Cthulhu? It was definitely Cthulhu.
White House puts out a ‘Yanny or Laurel’ video that’s… actually good?
'I could deflect and divert to "Yanny" if you need me to.'
Chuck Tingle writes ‘Yanny or Laurel’ erotic short story
It's just as weird as you'd expect.
Woman discovers her dad’s embarrassing photobomb on Twitter
The dad claims he was just looking down.
Teens are meme-ing the AP US History and AP Literature exams
These kids are 'apushing' out some memes.
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