Why hasn’t music had its #MeToo reckoning?
'We haven't found the right man to out yet.'
‘Cash me ousside’ teen Danielle Bregoli is officially off probation
The social media star turned buzzworthy rapper is about to go on tour.
Kid goes viral with delightfully earnest review of Lil Yachty’s ‘Baby Daddy’
'It's called 'Baby Daddy,' so that's pretty inviting'
Spotify will now let you edit data about your favorite songs
The feature is now available for desktop users.
Everyone is roasting Julian Casablancas for this ‘normal’ tweet
The Strokes frontman has some deep thoughts.
Hip-hop pioneer Craig Mack dead at 46
The hip-hop icon died unexpectedly on Monday.
‘The Remix’ puts a joyfully refreshing spin on singing competitions
Amazon's international spectacle is a ready-made hit.
Inside the booming black market for Spotify playlists
A new type of payola is taking place on Spotify, and the company is inadvertently paying for it.
Camila Cabello looks like a hot snack in her new music video—literally
The internet turned the pop star into a spicy meme.
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