‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’ and the painful history of ‘Harry Potter’ canon
'Fantastic Beasts' is just the latest franchise to show the limits of a singular canon.

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Netflix is a global platform for movie and TV streaming. It launched as a subscription-based streaming site in 2007, and offers new movies and TV shows every month. In 2013, Netflix debuted it first original programming.

‘Westside’ is reality TV for the Instagram era
Musicians go for broke in this 'American Idol' meets 'Big Brother' docuseries.
The best new movies of 2018 on Netflix
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The best football movies on Netflix
Ready, set, hut, press play.
‘Medal of Honor’ finds the humanity in acts of heroism
The docuseries honors its subjects without becoming self-congratulatory.
The best new sci-fi movies you can stream right now
All the best sci-fi movies from 2017 and 2018, from cult faves to blockbuster hits.
Netflix announces ‘Altered Carbon’ and ‘Pacific Rim’ anime spinoffs
5 new anime shows are coming—and they all sound great.
The best Christmas movies of all time
Here are the best movies to watch during the holidays, you filthy animals.
John Leguizamo finds the thread between past and present oppression in ‘Latin History for Morons’
Inspired by his teenage son being bullied, Leguizamo explores his own history.
‘The Judgement’ is a bloated, melodramatic soap opera
The Netflix import drama feels like an after-school special in the worst way.
‘They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead’ tries to make sense of Orson Welles’ ‘circus’
Orson Welles never finished 'The Other Side of the Wind.' Did he want to?
Did ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ plagiarize this artist’s painting? [updated]
'It’s almost as if key elements were traced,' says the artist.
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