Activists demand the release of the peaceful ‘Dallas 9’ protesters held without bond [updated]
The protesters have been in jail longer than the officer whose violence they were protesting.
Paul Manafort revealed as kind of man who writes ‘bada bing bada boom’ in emails
The phrase caught the attention of people online.
Family of officer who killed neighbor Botham Jean says they’re not racist
Internet detectives have found a photo of her mom wearing an 'All Lives Matter' shirt.
The not-so-curious case of another Black man being falsely accused of shooting a cop
How many more Raheem Howards are going to be targeted by police without body cam footage?
Norwegian police investigate missing WikiLeaks associate Arjen Kamphuis
Fellow activists are leading the search.
Cryptozilla can help make you a better cryptocurrency investor
Save 98% on this useful trading platform.
FBI issues banks a warning about planned ATM hack
Scammers are planning a cash-out scam.
Far-right enthusiastically cheers the firing of FBI agent Peter Strzok
He's been a thorn in conservatives' side for years.
Can law enforcement be trusted with facial recognition technology?
Facial recognition is everywhere now. What can people do?
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