Hollywood is bringing Bitcoin to the big screen
Is the world ready for this? Does the world need this?
Republicans are ready to go to war against the FBI
The Inspector General report only fueled the flames.
Inside the Twitter glitch that may have affected the 2016 election
A technical glitch in the FBI system created an online firestorm.
Steve Bannon wants to market a cryptocurrency to Trump supporters
Bannon apparently is interested in the potential of cryptocurrency.
Gang databases are growing in major cities—and they’re fueling racial profiling and deportation
New York and Chicago are still tracking 'gang members'—and targeting people of color.
Trans woman arrested at Philly Pride for allegedly attempting to set fire to ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag
Advocates have been rallying for her release from a maximum security men's prison.
Bitcoin price plunges after hack in South Korea
Bitcoin has dropped 65 percent since December.
Florida didn’t run FBI background checks on gun buyers for a year—the reason why is mind-boggling
There have been two massacres in Florida in the past two years.
Inspector general findings will reportedly brand Comey as ‘insubordinate’
If true, the White House will score big with this report.
Trump’s late-night FBI spying rant, explained
How a baseless conspiracy got to Trump's Twitter.
Footage shows Arizona police violently beating unarmed Black man—for not sitting down
The officers knocked the man out before handcuffing him and zip-tying his feet.
Officials report suspicious phone surveillance devices near White House
IMSI catcher technology tracks calls and messages.
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