Spotify shuts down major third-party service after playlist scandal
The move will likely have little impact on the larger market for Spotify playlists.

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The chronically ill are turning to social media for much-needed relief
A chronic headache sufferer explains why there is solace in staring at a screen.
I am not your kama sutra sexpot: The dating frustrations of an Indian woman
It's hard to reclaim your sexuality when you've been fetishized your whole life.
Where can a Black polyamorous woman feel safe to look for love?
Whether stereotyped or fetishized, Black poly women are often seen as objects.
Living with the constant threat of death as a Black American
As Erica Garner showed, choosing a path of activism does not make for a longer life in a Black body.
The Aziz Ansari story proves we need to give women a safe space to define their experiences
Unlike Babe did with Grace, let's give women the room to reflect on being violated.
I’m a lesbian and a transgender woman—and those two aren’t mutually exclusive
If trans women are women, then gay trans women are lesbians. Period.
Facebook wants to connect me with my rapist
Social media is re-traumatizing survivors—but is there anything they can do about it?
Can you be body positive if you hate your own body?
How to move past believing all bodies are equal—except yours.
The look of violent men
The target of male rage is often women—and that's unacceptable.
How the internet has surprisingly calmed my fears as a new Black mother
Finding community just takes filtering out the whitewash.
How a feminist event on anal sex challenged me to give it a try
Anal sex isn't just for the guys.
Falling in love with a woman forced me to face my body image issues
Forget the male gaze—comparing ourselves to other women can be just as detrimental.
How weightlifting has been pivotal in my eating disorder recovery
I used to eat only 500 calories a day—and now I want to be strong, powerful, and healthy.
‘Nevada,’ my transition, and me
How a scrappy, coming-of-age novel is helping transgender women feel less alone.
I was banned from Tinder for posing as a murderous giantess
Why can't a woman write a bio to scare off predators?
When I was raped, Christian healthcare failed me
This is what happens when moral judgment dictates what’s worthy of coverage.
The dangerous, delusional way that men feel ownership over lesbian relationships
A new study says that lesbians exist for male desire—and that promotes flawed, frightening thinking.
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