Here are the 7 places in the U.S. where women earn more money than men
All of these places are mostly made up of minority communities, if that speaks to anything.
What does it mean to be Latinx?
A look into the identity that rejects gender binaries in language and beyond.
Michael B. Jordan pledges on Instagram to adopt inclusion riders
The 'Black Panther' star is taking a big step forward on diversity in film.
The world’s most pressing issues are impacting women—but you wouldn’t know that from the news
International Women's Day is a time to take a stand for media representation.
Report: A Florida middle school teacher runs a secret white supremacist podcast
All of her social media accounts have reportedly disappeared.
YouTube sued by former employee for not hiring white and Asian males
Google plans to 'vigorously defend' the lawsuit.
YouTube show sisters are hiding their anti-Muslim mom from followers
They've scrubbed their accounts of her, despite spending time with her.
Does the LAPD have white nationalists in its ranks?
One captain's Twitter account has left many suspect.
‘Vogue India’ criticized for Kim Kardashian cover
'Vogue' is a global magazine but many are facing Kardashian fatigue.
Meet Yocelyn Riojas, your new favorite Latinx resistance artist
She is calling upon other artists of color to help in the movements for undocumented people.
Tinder is demanding interracial emoji couples
Trust me when I say Tinder is doing interracial kids everywhere a huge favor.
Anti-Semitism in U.S. surged by 57 percent last year
The Anti-Defamation League saw its second-highest number of anti-Semitic incidents in almost 40 years.
Afro-Latinx people were a large part of Black history—before they were erased
#BlackLatinxHistory celebrates those we have forgotten.
How would Black school workers be treated if they carried guns?
As an activist pointed out on Twitter, legally carrying a gun didn't save Philando Castile.
Illinois governor mixes, gulps down chocolate milk to celebrate diversity
This is of course how diversity works.
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