Twitter mercilessly mocks crypto bro’s ‘most successful people I’ve met’ tweet
The key to becoming rich and successful is simpler than you think.
This story about a Black kid getting arrested for yodeling in Walmart is fake news
Pay no attention to the viral tweet saying otherwise.
Hilarious video imagines Siri in the 1980s
Imagine if Siri were THIS bad.
Fake J.K. Rowling tweet worms way into ‘Harry Potter’ reprints
CollegeHumor managed to bring some mischief into these 'Harry Potter' reprints.
One year later, ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ the video game is more relevant than ever
This game reveals the true power of "Thoughts and Prayers"
Dude raps his resume in the most epic intern application ever
Someone get this graphic designer a job.
Imagine if everyone on Reddit was just this one dude
'I use multiple browsers, so that helps.'
Meet the guy with the most answers on Yahoo! Answers
'Sometimes I guess based on what I see on TV.'
White House misses joke on article mocking its budget, shares it as example of good press
To be fair the article is worth sharing, even if you are the White House newsletter.
The Trump inauguration, or the return of ‘The Twilight Zone’?
A Scottish TV critic lampooned the Trump inauguration as the return of the classic TV series.
Some of the best writing about the 2016 election was fanfiction
Among the darker times of this election, these writers shone with humor and imagination.
The Hard Times is perfecting punk satire
Aging punks find unexpected resonance on satire site.
These Apple Plugs are the perfect solution to the iPhone 7
Transform your archaic iPhone into a 'modern masterpiece.'
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