Reports from the forefront of scientific advancements, as well as off-the-beaten-path quirky stories about the strange things researchers do in the name of knowledge and truth. Also, funny hashtags nerds create on Twitter.

Stephen Hawking left us with a jarring warning about AI
The final comments Stephen Hawking wrote on Reddit went deep.
This prehistoric bird was ginormous—and everyone’s freaking out
'Does anyone have a good recipe for this?'
In order to save his species, this frog has joined
He's hoping to find his perfect match.
You can now vote for Lego’s next space set
The top 25 will advance to the next stage.
Miss the Super Blue Blood Moon? NASA livestreamed the whole thing
The lunar event hasn't occurred since 1866.
Neil deGrasse Tyson is having a bad month on Twitter
*extremely Neil deGrasse Tyson voice* Well, actually.
The bomb cyclone looks even wilder from space
Meteorologists are drooling.
1 in 4 California teens show signs of gender nonconforming
More than one in four California youth don't identify with society's gender norms.
Artificial intelligence helped NASA discover a planetary system like our own
One small step for neural networks, one giant leap for mankind.
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