People want to get plastic surgery to look like Snapchat filters
'Filtered selfies often present an unattainable look,' doctors say.
How to find the best porn on Snapchat
Snapchat may not technically support porn, but its there if you know where to look.
Snapchat’s money-swapping service, Snapcash, set to disappear
You don't have much time left to use it.
How to delete anything on Snapchat
Here's how to delete Snapchat messages for good.
How to save Snapchat videos
Sometimes you just have to save those perfect Snaps.
Man pleads guilty to assaulting his girlfriend for using Snapchat
The ‘only words I remember before he started beating me was, 'You have a f***ing Snapchat,’’ the girlfriend said.
You can now ‘unsend’ chat messages in Snapchat
It's the feature you've been waiting for.
Snap wants you to forget about Facebook—and ‘login with Snapchat’
Bitmoji could also be on their way to third-party services.
Former Snap engineer describes sexist, toxic culture in farewell letter
The company admits only 13 percent of its technology-related roles are filled by women.
Quit trying to make Spectacles happen, Snapchat
The camera-equipped glasses are back—but they may not be better than ever.
DJ Khaled criticized by watchdog group for vodka-soaked posts
He literally pours vodka in his cereal.
Snapchat grows up with group video chat and friend-tagging features
The additions will be rolling out in the coming weeks.
Snapchat stock plummets after Chrissy Teigen announces departure from the app
Behold the power of celebrity Twitter fingers.
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