The best documentaries of 2018 (thus far)
Don't just add these to your queue. Watch one tonight.
Tracy Morgan comes back to TV with ‘The Last O.G.’
The series takes on gentrification and incarceration.
Chuck Tingle just wants to ‘prove love’ in his new podcast
The internet's favorite porn author, in his own words.
Netflix paid the queen less than her prince on ‘The Crown’
Matt Smith was paid more than Claire Foy for the first 2 seasons.
Netflix’s ‘Terrace House’ is Japan’s addictive answer to ‘Real World’
With sincere and relaxing reality TV, 'Terrace House' keeps winning us over.
YouTube CEO addresses conspiracy theory problem
Susan Wojcicki struggled to address core issues.
Netflix’s stunning ‘6 Balloons’ tells a true story of addiction
Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco go dramatic in this SXSW standout.
Ricky Gervais takes on Twitter trolls in ‘Humanity’
Are you offended? Let Ricky Gervais tell you why you shouldn't be.
Don’t miss Netflix’s meme-inspired baking competition
'Nailed It!' is the diversion we deserve.
Spotify will now let you edit data about your favorite songs
The feature is now available for desktop users.
Jake Paul visited Parkland survivors on his break from YouTube
'I think the only thing I can do to help in this situation is go ground floor.'
The women of Film Twitter are holding movies accountable
'You have to protect yourself as a woman in this space.'
Gaming hub Steam has a serious Nazi problem
HuffPost found thousands of user groups on Steam dedicated to Nazism, school shootings, and general racism.
A new Church of Scientology TV network launches Monday night
The TV network promises Scientologists that it will tell the real truth about the church.
‘The Remix’ puts a joyfully refreshing spin on singing competitions
Amazon's international spectacle is a ready-made hit.
Inside the booming black market for Spotify playlists
A new type of payola is taking place on Spotify, and the company is inadvertently paying for it.
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