Trolls participate in disruptive, sometimes malicious online behavior with the goal of provoking a reaction. Typically, they act for their own entertainment and believe nothing they say or do online should be taken seriously. The line between trolling and harassment is blurry and unsettled, a common topic of debate amongst everyone from academics to the trolls themselves.

Trolls are flooding Rotten Tomatoes with rave reviews of Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’
It's somehow one of the highest-rated shows on the site.
Trolls are spreading falsehoods about the LGBT community supporting pedophilia
Actor James Woods spread a fake poster to tens of thousands.
Twitter is locking accounts with ‘Elon Musk’ in the display name
There are a lot of people trying to be Elon Musk on Twitter.
Periscope is getting a little less friendly to trolls
It's taking a more hands-on approach.
Twitter may be finally acting on some of its anti-troll promises
The platform is reportedly burying far-right trolls like Richard Spencer in its search results.
Alex Jones claims liberals are starting a civil war on July 4
It seems no one, uh, told the liberals.  
Blogger slain moments after hosting seminar on online harassment—allegedly by internet troll
Police have arrested a man claiming to be the blogger's internet troll.
Twitter has a new method for identifying, punishing trolls
The company will use behavioral queues.
Whenever there’s a mass shooting, trolls blame comedian Sam Hyde
Sam Hyde is not the real shooter—but trolls don't care.
Don’t fall for this fake photo of Emma González tearing up the Constitution
'Teen Vogue's chief content officer has slammed the accounts sharing the image.
Russian trolls contacted Trump officials on Facebook during the 2016 election
Russian accounts used fake names to trick Trump campaign officials.
Reddit, Tumblr in the hot seat for helping spread Russian propaganda
They join Facebook, Twitter, and Google on the list of platforms exploited by Russian trolls.
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