2018 was the year the ‘alt-right’ failed
Prince Shakur
What the movement lost in rally turnout, it gained in debts and Twitter bans.

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The 2nd gen Amazon Echo Show is a digital assistant game-changer
Jill Duffy
The new Echo Show includes a web browser and other improvements over last year's model.

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A viral vortex of the dankest memes, savage roasts, and all the other ephemera of the Web.

Oprah says what was really on her mind while she ate bland chicken
Gabrielle Sorto
A viral video shows her chicken confusion.
Holland Tunnel decorations are a real nightmare before Christmas
David Britton
The Holland Tunnel might have been easier to build than decorate.
What does this toy ‘dinosaur’ look like to you?
Ana Valens
'Looks like a banana wished to be real, but made the wish on a monkey’s paw.'
Here are all the dumb, dangerous social media challenges of 2018
Josh Katzowitz
It's probably best if you don't try any of these at home.
Germany just experienced an enormous chocolate spill—and it looks absolutely delicious
Ana Valens
There was an emergency in the land of chocolate.
A professor asked his students to go viral, and it actually worked
Gabrielle Sorto
'People are really easy to manipulate.'
Pence gets meme’d for zen-like looks during Trump’s White House showdown
Andrew Wyrich
The vice president's demeanor during the meeting inspired many jokes.
2018: The year astrology memes exploded on the internet
Kris Seavers
From Aries to Pisces, why all the signs love to be dragged.
Jacquees launches Twitter debate after calling himself ‘King of R&B’
Alexis Tatum
The only consensus is that it's not Jacquees.
Dog waits for weeks by his family’s burned house after California wildfire
Sunny Kim
The dog waited for his owners among ashes and rubble.
Chrissy Teigen shares tattoo her dad got of her face for her birthday
Sunny Kim
It's a symbol of love that really lasts forever.
Roger the buff kangaroo has died at the age of 12
David Britton
Heaven just got one buff kangaroo.
Elon Musk says no one is censoring his tweets
Stacey Ritzen
The SEC probably won't be happy about this...
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