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Kesha honors Ruth Bader Ginsburg with new song ‘Here Comes the Change’
She also encourages listeners to get out and vote.
Marvel heroes like Loki and Scarlet Witch could get their own spinoff series
Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen would reprise their roles.
Kylie Jenner, 21, tries cereal with milk for first time
Twitter is roasting her for it.
Why did Captain Marvel punch an old lady in the face?
Your reaction depends a lot on how well you know the comics.
Doja Cat already seems determined to distance herself from ‘Mooo!’
Her debut album 'Amala' reveals an artist who’s spent years honing her craft.
The best private channels hiding on Roku
There are hours of entertainment hiding on your Roku.
How to watch Fox News for free
Don't you deserve some 'executive time'?
Why Twitter is freaking out over whether Bert and Ernie are gay
One show writer says the characters were inspired by his own relationship.
Lenny Kravitz doesn’t get why people find his huge scarf meme so hilarious
Why hasn't he cozied up to his meme status?
Lawsuit against YouTube personality Poppy dismissed
A lawsuit filed by former collaborator Mars Argo has allegedly been settled.
‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ gave Amazon its best night at the Emmys
Netflix and HBO won more awards, but Amazon Studios was the night's big winner.
All Bikini Kill albums are now on streaming
The influential feminist punk band's catalog is finally ready to binge.
Hannah Gadsby’s minute-long bit was the best part of the Emmys
The internet would like her to host all things moving forward.
Netflix’s ‘The Resistance Banker’ spotlights a covert hero of WWII
The Oscar-recognized Dutch film is taught and timely.
Seth Rogen tweets mind-blowing revelation about Duck Hunt
If only Twitter existed in the '80s.
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