Spotify shuts down major third-party service after playlist scandal
The move will likely have little impact on the larger market for Spotify playlists.

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Videos of woman eating ice are the latest viral trend in China
Some people find hearing women eat ice relaxing.
Here are the 911 calls from employees who walked into glass walls at Apple Park
The three incidents happened within days of each other.
Utah lawmakers release cringeworthy rap video about writing bills
This is nothing like 'Schoolhouse Rock!'
Barbra Streisand reveals that her dogs are clones
Send in the .... dog clones?
This streaker, with a monkey face penis pouch, deserves the Olympic gold medal
He was spreading a message of peace and love.
The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos movie is coming—and Twitter is roasting it
There's only one man who can possibly make this movie work.
German Olympic figure skater performed to ‘Schindler’s List’ score
Twitter can't agree on whether or not the music choice was inappropriate.
Fergie’s botched national anthem mercilessly roasted on Twitter
Even the NBA stars next to her couldn't fake it.
People are smacking into the glass walls and doors at Apple Park
At least there's a medical center onsite.
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