Video shows rebel alligator knocking man unconscious
The gator tried to make a run for it—with his hands tied.
Crocodile eats internet-famous terrier after a decade of taunting
'It had a high probability of it happening at some time.'
A-1 announces meat-scented candles, and Twitter thinks it’s deliciously weird
Your home can smell like a slab of meat for just $15.
Twitter hates this ‘muzzle’ for making phone calls private
'The fact that this even exists is proof we live in hell world.'
4chan hoax about euthanizing pit bulls has animal lovers enraged
The latest hoax is trying to 'escalate the hysteria' around the breed.
Pelicans invaded college graduation—and nobody knew what to do
Some in the crowd screamed in surprise.
A woman left a restaurant a 3-star Yelp review—and then things got weird
The review was originally three stars—now it's one.
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