YouTube is a digital video platform created in 2005. It is home to user-uploaded content as well as brand content. YouTube has developed its own ecosystem of creators and fans who’ve elevated stars and kickstarted entertainment careers.

Bad Lip Reading takes on ‘Star Wars,’ the only way it knows how
The space opera gets a proper showstopper.
YouTube CEO addresses conspiracy theory problem
Susan Wojcicki struggled to address core issues.
Kid goes viral with delightfully earnest review of Lil Yachty’s ‘Baby Daddy’
'It's called 'Baby Daddy,' so that's pretty inviting'
Jake Paul visited Parkland survivors on his break from YouTube
'I think the only thing I can do to help in this situation is go ground floor.'
YouTube sued by former employee for not hiring white and Asian males
Google plans to 'vigorously defend' the lawsuit.
Leaked chats reveal far-right game plan to manipulate YouTube
The group was planning 'raids' on videos it opposed.
Guy prank calling 2 Papa Johns is surprised when they hit it off
What started out as a prank call turned into two Papa Johns restaurants exchanging pizza dough.
YouTube show sisters are hiding their anti-Muslim mom from followers
They've scrubbed their accounts of her, despite spending time with her.
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