A viral vortex of the dankest memes, savage roasts, and all the other ephemera of the Web.

‘Elle’ completely botches the voter registration meme
Fake news of a Kim and Kanye split pushed some people too far.
Twitter gets firmly roasted for telling users to ‘be sweet when you tweet’
Even Twitter isn't all that sweet when it tweets.
Ted Cruz’s lengthy pause at the Texas debate is quickly mocked
The question was really low-hanging fruit.
World’s happiest dog finds roasted pig head at the airport
Twitter has fallen in love with Hardy.
Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can’t stop responding to tweets today
The former Iranian president may be plotting a comeback.
This couple is taking over the internet thanks to their ‘Alien’ maternity shoot
They're taking 'Chestburster' to a whole new level.
The Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson breakup, summed up in one tweet
Not everyone is mourning the breakup.
‘Fellas, is it gay’ meme takes over Twitter as users ask the obvious
Fellas, is it gay to like a meme about fragile masculinity? I mean, you're basically making fun of other men.
Snapchat Cat Lenses let you take goofy pictures with your pet
Now felines can have fun filters, too.
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