The 30 most-subscribed-to channels on YouTube

The 30 most-subscribed-to channels on YouTube

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PewDiePie and T-series are nearly neck-in-neck at the top of the list.

Ever wonder what the most subscribed YouTube channels are? As of October 2018, number one is still PewDiePie—but it might not stay that way. The Swedish gamer’s channel has been the most subscribed YouTube channel since December 2013. But PewDiePie could soon be surpassed by T-Series, an Indian music label.

YouTube boasts a staggering 1.5 billion users. That means over one-third of the people on the internet visit the video platform daily, generating hundreds of millions of video views every hour.

These days, YouTube’s top vloggers and content creators have an audience size that rivals that of traditional television, with top performers reaching more viewers on a weekly basis than even the most popular cable programs. Some of them have made the jump to the big screen, starring major motion pictures, while others continue to film skits and commentary from their bedrooms. Here’s a rundown of the most subscribed YouTube channels and the stars behind them.


The top 10 YouTube channels

1) PewDiePie


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is a Swedish-based video game review and vlogger. He’s had YouTube’s most-subscribed-to channel since December 2013 and has been named one of Time’s Most Influential People in 2016, despite coming under fire for anti-Semitic jokes.

Subscribers: 66 million

Screengrab via T-Series/YouTube

T-Series is a global music label owned by an Indian music company, Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited. It’s been around since 1960 and it’s effectively cornered its market online by moving heavily into film production as well.

Subscribers: 62 million

5-Minute Crafts/Youtube

From fun snacks and teeth whitening to study hacks and craftable birthday gifts, 5-Minute Crafts is a never-ending trove of everything D-I-Y.

Subscribers: 34 million

Screengrab via Canal KondZilla/YouTube

A Brazilian music video producer and director, Canal KondZilla has directed more than 300 music videos, helping establish the country’s electronic music worldwide. He’s on a hot streak, too. Since January 2018, he’s added more than 8 million YouTube subscribers, leaping from no. 17 to the no. 4 most subscribed YouTube channel.

Subscribers: 39 million

Screengrab via JustinBieberVEVO/YouTube

Don’t pretend you don’t know. Bieber got his first big break on YouTube and remains one of the platform’s biggest stars. His fans have followed his every move on YouTube for years now.

Subscribers: 41 million

SET India/YouTube

SET India is Sony’s 24-hour Hindi channel offering all sorts of entertainment programming, from full-length movies to game shows, dance competitions, and news. It’s basically free live TV.

Subscribers: 31 million

7) WWE

Never mind the so-called Monday Night Wars. These days the best of World Wrestling Entertainment is on YouTube, which hosts highlights from every episode of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, along with all sorts of backstage highlights and highly entertaining top 10 lists, like this countdown of “brutal barricade attacks.”

Subscribers: 33 million

Screengrab via Dude Perfect/YouTube

Five best friends and an unknown person in a panda suit spend their days doing extreme stunts, trick shots, sports videos, and comedy. Dude Perfect didn’t invent trick shots, but they were the ones who took it mainstream. Now the dudes are is regularly in commercials and even have their own TV show. Their YouTube channel has 2 billion views altogether, and they post a new video every Monday.

Subscribers: 34 million

Screengrab via Ed Sheeran/YouTube

The English singer-songwriter and close friend of Taylor Swift is a master in the art of swooning. His heartfelt songs about love have gained him international success and a following of die-hard fans. Since the release of his 2017 album, %, he’s added more than 6 million new YouTube subscribers, which help drive more than 50 million views to his “Happier” video in less than two weeks.

Subscribers: 34 million

Screengrab via HolaSoyGerman/YouTube

Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis is a musician, singer, writer, and comedian based in Chile. You might not recognize him in the streets, but the 27-year-old performer has a massive worldwide audience.

Subscribers: 34 million

The most subscribed YouTube channels

11) Eminem

Screengrab via EminemVEVO/YouTube

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known as Eminem, hasn’t released a full-length album since 2013, but his videos never fail to impress.

Subscribers: 31 million

Screengrab via whinderssonnunes

Whindersson Nunes Batista is a comedian and vlogger. He boasts the most-subscribed-to YouTube channel in Brazil, where he’s from. He also had a part in the movie Party Crashers 2.

Subscribers: 31 million

Screengrab via elrubiusOMG/YouTube

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, better known by his pseudonym El Rubius or ElRubiusOMG, is a gamer, reviewer, and comedian based in Spain. Noticing a trend yet? YouTube is dominated by gamers and has a global reach.

Subscribers: 30 million

Screengrab via KatyPerryVEVO/YouTube

Katy Perry, the only pop star on this list who has headlined a Super Bowl performance.

Subscribers: 31 million

Screengrab via TaylorSwiftVEVO/YouTube

The only thing surprising about Taylor Swift, one of the world’s biggest pop stars, being on this list is that she isn’t higher on it.

Subscribers: 31 million

Screengrab via JuegaGerman/YouTube

JuegaGerman is the same YouTuber as HolaSoyGerman; this is just his new channel. Who says you can’t strike gold twice?

Subscribers: 29 million

17) Rihanna

Screengrab via RihannaVEVO/YouTube

Rihanna, the R&B singer, has a deep catalog of modern club bangers and YouTube videos. Everything she touches goes platinum.

Subscribers: 30 million


Screengrab via Fernanfloo/YouTube

Luis Fernando Flores is a gamer and occasional sketch comedian from El Salvador, and his videos get more views than PewDiePie daily. Most of his audience lives in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

Subscribers: 29 million


Formerly ABCKidTv, Cocomelon is a kids’ YouTube channel. Videos are mostly animated cartoons with nursery rhymes or kids songs. You probably know it for the kids-song-turned-meme, the horrifying and mesmerizing Johny John Yes Papa video.

Subscribers: 29 million


Badabun is a Spanish language network channel maintained by the Badabun network.

Subscribers: 29 million


Ellen DeGeneres has hosted the Oscars, had a part in two blockbuster animated movies and was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama. While it might seem surprising that a daytime TV channel ranks higher than her late-night counterparts, DeGeneres has been at it far longer than Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, or Jimmy Kimmel.

Subscribers: 27 million


The Disney star turned pop idol has a strong YouTube presence, and her latest video, “God is a woman,” already has more than 122 million views in two months.

Subscribers: 26 million


Screengrab via OneDirectionVEVO/YouTube

The British boy band may have broken up, but One Direction’s YouTube channel remains a popular destination.

Subscribers: 28 million

Felipe Neto is a Brazilian vlogger, comedian, and gaming Youtuber. Neto started the “Paramaker Network” in 2011, which serves as a network branch for Brazilian Youtube channels such as IGN Brasil Network, as well as thousands of other YouTube channels.

Subscribers: 25 million

Screengrab via YouTube Spotlight/YouTube

One of YouTube’s own channels. It’s a go-to spot for finding out what’s trending around the world.

Subscribers: 27 million


Spanish gamer VEGETTA777, born Samuel de Luque, is a popular gaming YouTuber known for his Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto gameplay.


Subscribers: 23 million

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Ever wonder what the most subscribed YouTube channels are? As of October 2018, number one is still PewDiePie—but it might not stay that way. The Swedish gamer’s channel has been the most subscribed YouTube channel since December 2013. But PewDiePie could soon be surpassed by T-Series, an Indian music label.